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26 September 2019Chinese Imperial Court Costume 1644-1911
24 October 2019Caithness Glass : Loch, Heather and Peat
28 November 2019Diocletian's Palace at Split
12 December 2019The Origins of the English Christmas

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Chinese Imperial Court Costume 1644-1911 David Rosier Thursday 26 September 2019

David Rosier's lecture focuses on the costume and dress accessories that would have been worn for formal occasions (Regulated Court Costume), or informally, at the Imperial Court or in Provincial Government during the Quing Dynasty (1644-1911). He will first consider formal, mandated, Court Costume and Insignia of Rank worn by the Imperial Family plus the Civil and Military Officials. The focus will then move onto to a review of the full scope of the Emperor's wardrobe from State Robes and regalia, through to informal wear. Consideration will also be given to robes and dress accessories, worn on a day to day basis or for special occasions by other members of the Court either in their official capacity or in their private lives. He will also examine the highly decorated clothing of high ranking Chinese Ladies and consider the design of such items such as informal robes, outerwear, headwear and ornamental accessories.

A Chartered Insurer by profession and a Fellow of the Assurance Medical Society, David has extensive international experience as an author and lecturer in Medical Risk Assessment and lived and worked in Asia for more than 25 years. Whilst living in Hong Kong (1991-2004) he assembled a collection of approximatley 700, predominatley Quing Dynasty, Imperial and related textiles and costume accessories. He is a Past Committee Member of the Hong Kong Textile Society and frequent speaker on Imperial Insignia and Badges of Rank.