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27 June 2019The Magnificent Maya : Fact and Fantasy
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24 October 2019Caithness Glass : Loch, Heather and Peat
28 November 2019Diocletian's Palace at Split
12 December 2019The Origins of the English Christmas

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The Magnificent Maya : Fact and Fantasy Dr Diane Davies Thursday 27 June 2019

The Maya created one of the most sophisticated civilisations in the ancient world. Their achievements in the arts and sciences, along with their complex social, political and economic systems, make them one of the most remarkable cultural groups in the Precolumbrian Americas. These people brought us an intricate calendar system, complex hieroglyphic writing, some of the largest pyramids in the world, a form of ballgame that was like no other and most importantly chocolate! Dr Diane Davies will discuss the major achievements of the Maya as well as considering the common misunderstandings we have of this remarkable civilisation.

Diane is a Maya archaeologist and honorary research associate of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She completed her PhD at Tulane University, New Orleans. Little is known about the Maya in the UK and so aside from carrying out research in Guatamala and teaching, Diane is an educational consultant for schools giving workshops to both teachers and children on the Maya. She has created award-winning resources, organises trips to the Maya area and is also the Chair of Chok Education, a charity supporting the education of Maya children. Diane organises conferences on the Maya as well as lecturing to a variety of organisations, including the City Literary Institute, London and the Historical Association.