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28 November 2019Diocletian's Palace at Split
12 December 2019The Origins of the English Christmas

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Diocletian's Palace at Split Dr Bella Image Thursday 28 November 2019

The late antique emperor Diocletian saved the empire from collapse by instituting a new system of government. However, his most enduring legacy was probably his wide-ranging building schemes which incuded renovation work at Palmyra, Luxor and the existing Senate House in the Roman Forum. Dr Bella Image's lecture looks at his monumental palace at Split (modern day Croatia) including the domed mausoleum and the southern facing facade along the sea front. We will also consider the impact on the young artchitect, Robert Adam, leading to him publishing illustrations of the building and subsequently to its influence on neo-classicism and 18th century architecture.

Bella studied classics at Cambridge and many years later took her doctorate on Late Antiquity at Oxford. She writes and teaches free-lance, including tutoring with Oxford and lecturing on Late Antiquity / Early Christianity for the St. Alban's Study Centre. She has also written or taught on Late Antique history and philosophy including Constantine, Ambrose, Augustine and the Sack of Rome.