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25 June 2020The Founders and the Treasures of the Wallace Collection - NOW CANCELLED
28 May 2020Hogarth : Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China - NOW CANCELLED
03 May 2020FILM - 'Painting the Modern Garden - from Monet to Matisse' Available to view from 20th April to 4th May
20 April 2020FILM - Painting the Modern Garden - from Monet to Matisse. Available to view for 2 weeks from 20th April
26 March 2020Hagia Sofia : Constantinople's Glorious Sixth Century Church of Holy Wisdom - CANCELLED
27 February 2020Faber and Faber : 90 years of Excellence in Cover Design
23 January 2020Vermeer : The Girl with the Pearl Earring
12 December 2019The Origins of the English Christmas
28 November 2019Diocletian's Palace at Split
24 October 2019Caithness Glass : Loch, Heather and Peat
26 September 2019Chinese Imperial Court Costume 1644-1911
25 July 2019The Guggenheims : A Dynasty of Art Collectors
27 June 2019The Magnificent Maya : Fact and Fantasy
23 May 2019Passion for Fashion
25 April 2019Leonardo da Vinci : The Complete Man of the Renaissance
28 March 2019The Borgias : The Most Infamous Family in History
28 February 2019Hampton Court after 500 Years
24 January 2019Turner vs Constable : The Great British Paint Off
13 December 2018Charles Dickens - The Man and his Life through his Characters
22 November 2018Votes for Women: Art and The Suffragettes
25 October 2018Downton Abbey Revealed - The Story of Highclere Castle
27 September 2018Bloomsbury Group : The Art of Vanessa Bell
26 July 2018Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
28 June 2018Food and Art through the Ages, Elizabethan Food and Aphrodisiacs
24 May 2018Road to Bali: The Javanese Temples to Balinese Dance
26 April 2018The Age of Jazz
22 March 2018Romancing the Rails
22 February 2018Tintoretto and the Scuola di San Rocco in Venice
25 January 2018The Antiques Roadshow - Behind the Scenes and the Great Discoveries
14 December 2017The History of Stained Glass seen through the Christmas Story
23 November 2017Rodin and Claudel: Lovers of Stone
26 October 2017Bauhaus
28 September 2017Inspired by Stonehenge
27 July 2017Jane Austen
22 June 2017Hockney at Eighty
25 May 2017Permission to Poison: The Alnwick Garden
27 April 2017Medieval Naples
23 March 2017Edgar Degas – Observer or Voyeur?
23 February 2017Treasures of the Turf
26 January 2017The Art of the Parisian Fine Jewellery Houses
08 December 2016Glad Tidings:The Story of the Annunciation
24 November 2016Love and Loss: the Story of Orpheus and Eurydice in art and music
27 October 2016The Trials and Tribulations of Vincent Van Gogh
22 September 2016The Great Fire of London
28 July 2016Lancelot 'Capability' Brown THIS LECTURE TAKES PLACE AT GATTON PARK
23 June 2016The Sumptuous World of Indian Textiles: from Punjab to Bengal & the Coromandel Coast
26 May 2016The Elgin Marbles
28 April 2016Botticelli and Florence
24 March 2016Three Great Families and their Gardens
25 February 2016The Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean
28 January 2016Shakespeare's Identity Crisis
10 December 2015The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
26 November 2015The Rock ‘n’ Roll Era: Pop Art in the Swinging Sixties
22 October 2015Henry Moore - A Revolution in British Sculpture
24 September 2015Meissen Porcelain
23 July 2015Original Grand Designs – Industrialism and Revival
25 June 2015Dirt and Dirty Brushes: Myths of the Artist at Court
28 May 2015Carl and Karin Larsson and the IKEA Effect
23 April 2015Painted Ladies and Gentlemen - Portraiture in Britain
26 March 2015America's Realist Genius: The Art of Edward Hopper
26 February 2015Now You See It, Now You Don't - The Art of Visual Deception: Optical Illusion, Camouflage and Trompe L'Oeil
22 January 2015Painting with the Men - Berthe Morisot and the Impressionists
11 December 2014Christmas at Covent Garden: 300 years of Christmas Shows at one of London's Greatest Theatres
27 November 2014Modern Jewellery Today:The Development of the Artist Jeweller
23 October 2014Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
25 September 2014'Pictures of Nothing': Late Turner
24 July 2014Threads of History: The World of the Bayeux Tapestry
26 June 2014A Child of Six Could do it! Cartoonists Views of Modern Art
22 May 2014Travels in Rajasthan with Rudyard Kipling:Palaces and Temples, Monuments and Forts in the Land of Kings
24 April 2014The Lutrell Psalter
27 March 2014The Glamour Holiday: the Grand Era of Travel in the 1920s and 30s
27 February 2014Your Country Needs You : Art and Design of World War I
23 January 2014The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
12 December 2013Theatrical Personalities of the 20th Century: Evans, Gielgud, Richardson, Olivier, Redgrave and Ashcroft
28 November 2013Romans, Christians and Moors - Andalucia and its Golden Age
24 October 2013Photography as Fine Art
26 September 2013Peru: The Incas and their Predecessors seen through their Art and Textiles
25 July 2013Pomp and Circumstance
27 June 2013"the Queenes pickture" : Portraits of Elizabeth 1
23 May 2013A Medieval Masterpiece: the Hotel-Dieu at Beaune
25 April 2013Shoes in Art - Shoes as Art
28 March 2013From Phaetons to Phantoms
28 February 2013Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
24 January 2013Leonardo da Vinci
13 December 2012Glory to the Newborn King: Depictions of the Nativity in European Art
22 November 2012Imperial purple to Denim Blue – The Colourful History of Textiles
25 October 2012All Done on Ginger Beer
27 September 2012George III: 'The Most Cultured Monarch'
26 July 2012The Medieval Art of Love and Life
28 June 2012A Kiss for All the World: Klimt and the Viennese Secession
24 May 2012The Ancient Greek Olympics – A Visitor’s Guide
26 April 2012The World of Graham Sutherland and John Piper
22 March 2012The British Seaside Holiday:History, Architecture and Entertainment

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The Founders and the Treasures of the Wallace Collection - NOW CANCELLED Stephen Duffy Thursday 25 June 2020

The Wallace Collection, a national museum containing an outstanding array of paintings, furniture, porcelain, arms and armour, and other works of art, was brought together by five generations of one family between about 1780 and 1880. Stephen Duffy tells the fascinating story of the Wallace Collection's formation and presents many of its famous treasures.

Stephen Duffy was educated at New College, Oxford, and was formerly Senior Curator of the Wallace Collection where he had particular responsibilty for exhibitions and nineteenth-century paintings. He has given countless tours of the Collection for visiting groups and many lectures on its art and other related subjects. His latest publication, The Discovery of Paris, is a book on early nineteenth-century watercolour views of Paris by major British artists.