Welcome to The Arts Society East Surrey Area which consists of 15 Societies and is one of the smallest areas geographically with a great concentration of very active societies.

The Area brings together representatives of all the Societies in East Surrey. In this way Societies can benefit from the experiences of other Societies, raise any concerns and be kept up to date with current national policies. In addition the Area Chairman reflects the view of Societies to the National Advisory Council which advises the Chief Executive and the Trustee Board. Area and Societies are supported by the officers of the Arts Society who operate from The Arts Society House in London.

The Area provides support to the Societies in East Surrey through Area Meetings, Education Events, an annual Programme Planning Seminar and Training for new and potential committee members. The Area also encourages Heritage Volunteers, Church Recording and Young Arts volunteering activities.

Each Society in East Surrey organises a full programme of lectures, Special Interest Days and visits for their members.

You can view Area Special Interest Days on this site under the 'East Surrey Area Events' tab. To get more information about the Area and what we do go to

Chairman:    Andrea Gabb