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29 November 2018From Vikings to Romanovs - All tickets now sold. Wait List only
16 November 2017Sicily : The Kingdom in the Sun - ALL TICKETS NOW SOLD
10 November 201612,000 Years of Japanese Art
12 November 2015Ethiopia - A Mysterious Land
13 November 2014Painting for the Petrified - Let the painters from the past be your teachers.
06 November 2013Art Nouveau: Architecture and Design
08 November 2012Pompeii and Herculaneum - their life and death The Roman Art of Eating and Drinking

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From Vikings to Romanovs - All tickets now sold. Wait List only Jane Angelini Thursday 29 November 2018

All tickets have now been sold and there is a waiting list. Please contact Sue Mewhort on  should you wish to go on the waiting list.

We are very pleased to welcome Jane Angelini once again to lead our special interest day. Jane presented a very successful day on Sicily in 2017 and will now take us on a journey through another of other her great specialisms, Russia.

We will examine early Russian art and architecture as we review the evolution of the Russian people from their misty beginnings as Viking Traders in the 8th century to Prince Valdimir of Kiev’s adoption of the Orthodox branch of Christianity in the 10th century. We will continue our day with the epic city founded in defiance of nature in a region of swampy marshland as Peter the Great’s “window to the West”, Saint Petersburg. Tickets costs £35 and include three presentations, coffee and biscuits on arrival, buffet lunch and soft drinks. The event will take place at our usual venue and the timetable is as follows:

10.00am - Coffee

10.30am - Russia's Misty Beginnings

11.45am - Holy Rus

1.00pm   - Lunch 

2.00pm   - St. Petersburg : Venice of the North

3.30pm   - Day ends